Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting stronger but still can't do much and my stepfather

With a broken right arm, you can't do much for yourself.  At least, I can go to the bathroom alone.  I can't cook, clean, drive, bathe or sign my name and a whole host of other things.  Who would of thought at 43 my mother would still be taking care of me.  She is also taking care of my 10 year old triplets and her 82 year old husband of 33+ years who has moderate to severe Alzheimer's.

She has her arms full and she does it all with love, patience and grace.  She has more patience than I do.  I am learning slowly.  Tonight was hard.  The kids are at their fathers'.  My stepfather started in about dinner time.  He knew our names.  He did not believe he was married to my mother, that he lived here for the past month or that his and my mom's house was a mile away.

It escalated from there.  He wanted his car keys - he hasn't had them for years.  He insisted he had to go home and that it was a 10 hour drive but couldn't name the town.  He went from door to door.  I don't know how she did it - but she got him to bed.

It is different every day - never knowing what he will be like.  Sad is all I can say.  Makes my broken arm pale in comparison.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Day in the Hospital and Nurse Hatchett

When conscious, I am one of those patients that WANT OUT of the hospital.  Dr. Simon had stopped by the Friday before I was released and said I would most likely get out Monday.  I take that info like a bulldog with a chew toy and won't let it go.  I started in at 8 am by calling Dr. Simon's office and talking to Dana - I knew I needed the final script for my feedbag and his signature to make a jail break.  She said he was in the hospital making rounds and would make his way to me.

He stopped by at 1 pm while my nurse, Nurse Hatchett, and her trainee were in my room when he said I was free!  But first, I needed Activase in my mediport.

The PICC line nurse had been by around 11am and told the trainee the Activaae instructions.  For a bit of explanation on Activase, it is used to "unclog" the mediport.  You should be able to hookup the feedbag and get fed as well as be able to draw blood from the port.  For months, the nurses from the Home Health Care service have not been able to get blood from it.  Thus the hospital nurses couldn't either.

So, the nurse in training puts Activase in my port, waits an hour, then draws back on the port - hopefully you get blood return.  So after the PICC line nurse gives the orders at 11, I finally get the Activase at 3!!!  Let me note at this point, I had seen Nurse Hatchett once the whole day.  During which time, her biggest concern was collecting the plastic tops off medicine vials to do arts and crafts with.

After the hour, I hit the call nurse button.  The very nice nurse trainee came in and explained that nurse Hatchett waits an hour and a half to draw back blood and not the hour that the PICC nurse said.  I asked to speak to nurse Hatchett.  She refused to come to my room.  I asked to speak to the charge nurse.  She happened to be in the room - I explained the situation.  She said she would handle it.  The nurses' assistant told me that Nurse Hatchett was too busy texting to come to my room.

At this point, Nurse Hatchett made her grand entrance and proceeded to argue with me - NOT the thing to with any customer much less one that has turned into bulldog.  At this point, I was DONE.  I decided to leave AMA (against medical advice).  For all intents and purposes, everything was done.  I knew what to do when I got home.

When I saw Dr. Simon yesterday, he said I had a nickname that rhymed with witch.  I have no issue with this - it got me out of there.   On another note, Nurse  Hatchett is liked by very few if any. 

More later -
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Doc appointment 6/21

My mom took me to a follow-up with my internist, Dr. Simon, yesterday.  Dr. Simon is one of my favorite docs.  We discussed a number of things  one of which has had me perplexed since the beginning - where my brain went on vacay for 5 days after my fall and subsequent infection. He said when I showed up at the ER, I was a complete medical mess.

After the ER, I was put in ICU.  He said within hours he received a call saying the blood cultures were having a massive party in the petri dish.  I was septic and my organs were shutting down.  That is where my brain went on vacay for 5 days.  Glad I didn't know it then. At that point, the docs just started throwing antibiotics at me. They were trying to keep me alive.

The EMS guys couldn't get a blood pressure read on me  I remember the ambulance ride and after that it was 5 day later.  Dr. Simon said he called a doctor who specializes in ICU patients, Dr. Marks, and said that that doc saved my life.  Thank you Dr. Marks whereever you are.  I was almost intubated.  Dr. Simon also said I was also lucky to walk out of there 10 days later.  He said patients like me typically spend months in the hospital.

There have been two other occasions I have come close to kicking off.  This was the 3rd.  All I know is God is not done with me yet.  For that, I am beyond grateful.  Thanks to all who prayed for me.

We also discussed my last day in the hospital and my behavior - but that is another post.

More later -

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Broken Arm

Prior to breaking my arm, the only other bones I have broken are the small toe on my right foot and bones in my right foot due to arthritis.  All no biggies until the arm.  Of course, I had to break my right arm.  I have learned to compensate somewhat with my left hand.

I couldn't have surgery on the arm due to the deterioration of the bone due to arthritis and the shape I was in when I finally showed up at the ER.  I have to wear a compression cast up to 4 months.  If the bone has not knitted together by then, I may be facing surgery then.

I have little range of motion now -but hopefully that will start increasing soon.  Thank God for my mom and for not letting it be worse. Thanks for the continued prayers and support.

More later -
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Brush yourself off and exit straight ahead, you will be instructed to:

Face plant.  You should break the veneer off one tooth, chip the other front tooth and try to break your fall with your right arm thus, breaking your humerus in four places.  Oh, make sure you also have Rheumatoid Arthritis so that your bones are crap and can't be reset with pins.

Pray for Mom to show up and then the EMS.  As I stated in yesterday's blog, I remember a little after the EMS ride.  So I came to kinda of on Wednesday, while lying flat on my back having to drink barium. I was a very cooperative patient (NOT).  I kept moving to get my back comfy - never happened.  I was also cooperative by pulling out my central line.

My mom brought my trips by to visit.  I thought it was the first time they had been by - nope they had been the day before also.  Where the heck did  I go on vacay for 4 to 5 days?

While on this vacay, the docs concluded that
1. I have sepsis (not so bueno) and started me on serious antibiotics.  Came home on 4 weeks of IV antibiotics
2.  My humerus (upper arm) was broken in 4 places.  They set it up in a compression brace.  That's it, that's all folk's.  My arm hurts, hurts, hurts!
3.  I have an issue with eating - what a News flash.  They want me to eat, we all want me to eat.  I want to be able to eat. 

More later -

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well when I said I wanted off the Merry Go, I didn't mean kick my hinney off the dang ride while it was full swing!!!!!

Wow, got a calendar handy?  A  lot has happened since the last blog.  Typing left-handed is difficult!  On Friday, June 1st, the kids left for the weekend.  I was feeling cruddy but didn't think much about.

I woke Saturday morning feeling worse.  I believe I called my Mom.  We took my temp and it was 105.5.  Took naproxen and brought my temp down to  100.5.  Great I thought, ER miss.

Went about my business and thought I was okay

Mom said she would call me to check on me around 8.  The of longest hours minutes ahead.  I had been sleeping on and off (well, mostly on).  So high temp, dehydration and low blood pressure all contributed to the kick in the hinney off the merry go round - be careful what you ask for.  I got up and went to get something to drink.  I think I got my drink and knew I was going down.  Mom said my drink was on the table.  I remembered face planting on the floor. 

I tried to crawl to the phone  - but my right arm was swaying of its accord.  When the phone rang, I felt so relieved!  She called twice more and headed my way when she got no answer.  She got here and I have never felt such relief.   The Good Lord had my back.

After the ambulance ride, the next thing I remembered was my mom saying she was going home to my face in the ER because I couldn't stay awake.  I also remember the clock above her head saying 12:30am.  I remember them cutting my shirt off because of broken arm.  Last I remembered until June 6th.

More later -