Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moving at a slow pace

This summer has done me in.  I am doing more things on my own or with the kiddos.  Having the kids around helps - they help with groceries etc.  But, even with their help the heat just exhausts me.  I am good for 2 or 3 errands and then I get shaky and have to get home and lay down.  I get dizzy and shaky - it worries Sarah and she holds my arm - too sweet.

Learning my limits - hard to give into a body that doesn't work like it should or once did.  Last night I dreamed that I could not breathe - scared me.  Due to all of this, time to see the doc.  I will be calling tomorrow.

I had promised the kids I would take them to the beach this summer - didn't work out that way.  But I have made reservations for after labor day when rates go down.  Pray that I can do it on my own.  We are going in late September.

The kids went with their father to visit his family in PA.  They went early August and were gone for a week - as much as I love them, it was so nice to have peace and quiet.  The best part is they had a blast!  It was much cooler there and they would wrap themselves up in towels after swimming.  They are never gone over night for weekends but he does pick them up Saturday or Sunday and takes them to Fiesta Texas for the better part of the day.

Still loving the furbabies - they are fun to watch.  I groom them each morning - two I have to feed treats to keep them still enough so that I can comb them out.  One of them just licks you when you scratch her neck.  Oh, I got two more!  Big kitty, CP, over looking all the new additions.  Ash hanging out on the scratching curve, all four getting their wet food that we use to mix their vitamins in and diva of them all Piper.   If you are wondering about the blue neck collars - they both had some issues with their spaying/neutering.

Next week is Meet the Teacher night!  The kids are excited - not about the school part- but about seeing their friends. 

More later -

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