Tuesday, August 30, 2011

June 2011

My UTIs continued.  I was sent to another specialist.  I saw the urologist mid-June.  They took an urine sample but did not send it the lab for testing as I  had been on so many antibiotics that it could possibly return a false negative.  However, their little stick said it looked like another UTI.  The pain was out of this world; it was so difficult to deal with.  Everywhere we went, we had to find the bathroom as I had all the symptoms of an UTI.

He prescribed me Vesicare - did nothing to ease the spasms and the pain.  Also during that time, I saw my Radiation Oncologist and she gave me valium which helped ease some of the spasms.  The urologist wanted to schedule a procedure at the hospital to take a look at the inside of my bladder and do a biopsy. Also I went to the pharmacy to pick up another med and the urologist had also prescribed Prosed DS - which turned out to help my bladder along with the valium.  Felt like a Christmas present.

Also during this time, I talked my internal med doc to move me to half bags of TPN.  I felt I was able to eat a bit more with a new anti-diarrhea med.  I was okay for a while and then I talked him into no TPN and removal of my PICC line so that I could get into the pool with my kids.  Huge mistake.  I ended up not being able to eat at all - the smell of food made me nauseous.

I had scheduled a coast trip for my 9 year old triplets.  It was smack dab right in the middle of this new nightmare.  I couldn't take that away from them as they had been troopers dealing with a sick mom that most of the time always said no to outings.  A friend went with us and took care of the kids the whole time.  I had no strength and walking across the room took it out of me.  I would have to rest after very short trips from the living room to the kitchen.

The next week, the home health care nurse came on Tuesday as usual.  She took my labs as usual.  My hgb (red cell blood count - basically extreme anemia) was dangerously low.  Of course it was Fourth of July weekend - so things were a little haywire with docs and getting what I needed.  I was so weak.  More later -

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