Friday, November 23, 2012

How my brain (doesn't) work

We all know that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday.  I have seen the black Friday TV ads.  So today is obviously a Friday.  Right?

I woke up and thought today was Monday.  I have a doc appt at 11 am.  So I started setting alarms last night.  I also started resetting this morning them to squeeze every minute of rest/sleep I could get. 

I talked to my mom this morning and verified the time she and papa needed to be here.  She sits on my couch and was making general conversation.  She asked if I still had my appt on Monday.  I looked at my calendar.  To my surprise, today is Friday - not Monday - big dork!

WOW - so glad we didn't have to get in Black Friday traffic.  Sorry Mom and PaPa for taking up your time this morning.

Happy post Thanksgiving!

More later -

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thanksgiving

The kids and I were going to my mom's house.  At first, we were going over around noon.  I called her back and we changed it to 3 since the kids and I have been sleeping really late and would not make it by noon.

So, I got the kids loaded up - which takes about 15 or more minutes - I should have started earlier.  So finally around 3:12 we pulled out of the driveway.  My car phone rung (that is why I knew the precise time) and it was my mom looking for us.  I told her we were on our way.

I sat at the table - my mom outdid herself. The food looked great, but it turned my stomach and I had no appetite.  My mom caught on pretty quickly and offered that I go home and she said she would bring the kids home later.

I told her no.  I would just lay down on the couch and wait for them to be done.  This way the kids would go with me and she wouldn't be saddled with one more task.  I layed down and was out like a light.  I woke up about 3 hours later and rounded up the kids - another 20-25 minutes later we were headed home (about a mile).

I feel like the Thanksgiving turkey party pooper.  Such is my life.  It affects everyone.  They understand but I would guess they would rather me at the table.  But at least I have a family I can go to and care for me as I do them.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you had family and friends that you could spend it with.

More later -

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cast Away

Finally - after 5.5 months - my cast is offically off!  Glad to be rid of it. I can now sit in the tub and stay warm rather than sit in a shower sit in the tub and using a cup to rinse off (burr when your wet skin exposed to the room air).  My big heater bit the dust.  I am using a small heater that my mom lent me.

My arm is a little bumpy.  Oh well - at least the bone grew!

Kiddos and I are spending Thanksgiving with my parents.  So much to be thankful for!

 I wish each of you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 13th Follow Up

Hi All -

Just a short update because it kills me to sit.  Using my donut - but still hurts.  For all intents and purposes, the procedure went okay.

Remember the post regarding stretching your vaginal canal out using dialators?  Well, unfortunately, I never did it.  I had a major brain block to it and I have only caused myself more pain.  The doctor told my mom that the canal has shrunk to about an inch and a half long.  They were not able to use a speculum. He told her he stuck his finger in and busted through the end of it - a little confused on this but have a 3 week follow up and will get it clarified.

If it is not too late, I am going to use the dialators.  Another question for him.  He said that he and the nurse had to do something to hold my vaginal canal open.  Whatever they did left me so swollen on the outside.  Hurts a ton - not quite as much as it did when he had to laser the skin off the outside - but it is right up there pain wise.  Having to use vasoline again to help it not burn so bad to urinate and I figured out if I lean back it is also helpful.

There is a topical chemo that can be used.  But when I tried it, it burnt me so badly.  I am also going to ask him if there is any IV chemo that can be used.   I don't think I can do anymore radiation because there are limits to how many rads can be used in the same place - doesn't break my heart - radiation about killed me and had to get three blood transfusions due to what it did to my system.

One other off topic thing, I have been falling a lot.  Last night around 3 am, I got up to go to the restroom.  I knew I was going down, but couldn't stop it.  My right foot buckled in to the right.  No swelling.  Can't tell if it is bruised because I get perma bruises due to my Arthirtis drugs.  It is already has a perma brusie from having a two liter bottle of soda dropped on it at HEB last year.  Seeing the ortho doc next week - I will have them x-ray it.

So lots of pain and questions.

More later -

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Monday, November 12, 2012

November 13th Procedure

I am trying to get some sleep since I have to be up at 5 am to get to the hospital by 6 am.  The procedure will be kind of okay - depends on what he has to do. It will set me back some especially since I have not been well for a while now.

But, the two things I dread waking up to in the recovery room is an Ileostomy bag (urine bag) or a Colostomy bag (not hard to figure out).  As I have mentioned before, the lining of the vaginal wall is very thin and connected to the bladder and colon walls.  I have had the same type of procedure a number of times.  The last time he did a procedure he saw my small intestines and had to close me up.

I don't know how many more my body can take before I go down the road of bags.  I appreciate all the prayers I can get.  I will keep you posted.

More later -

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Crap Follow Up

Insurance issues finally worked out.  Had to go to 2 pharmacies to get refunds.  But it takes time that I don't feel great to run around to get it done.

Got pre-registered at the hospital.  One really great thing from that is that they didn't have to draw blood.  They were able to use the info from my home healthcare tests instead.

I really try to keep my chin up and be positive.  But right now my well is dry and everyhing is a struggle, a fight or just plain hard.  I'll keep praying for strength.

Countdown to the 13th and how much that will set me back. 

More later -
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crap - Edited

This week has been unbearable and frustrating to me and it is only Wednesday.  Between COBRA and kids, I wanted to just hide and hope the world would go away.

For COBRA, I am set up for automatic payment.  They ususally withdraw it at the very first of the month.  For whatever reason, the last two months have just been a hassle.  The third party that sweeps the money has to notify my insurance company that I paid and am covered.  This started Monday - nobody that needed to know that I had insurance knew.  I spent hours on the phone to no avail.  Yesterday, the straw that broke the camel's back is that I was told by the third party that knows I paid to call my insurance company.  I called and lo and behold, they trasferred back to the company I started with.  Beyond frustrating. 

I paid full price for two doc appointments and two prescriptions.  I will get the money back - but with a lot of phone calls and with it being a pain.

Two of my children have done things at school or regarding homework that were completely unacceptable.  The one that pushes straight over the edge is the one that wants help with homework and when I do help, they tell me I am wrong! 

Counting down to next Tuesday's procedure - lovely.  And still feeling like crud!

Left something out.  When I went to the urologist, they did a pee test of course.  It came back positive.  Would have never  known - feels no different with it or without it.  But, am taking antibiotics for it (one of the scripts almost 70 bucks for 5 pills that I paid for in full - it is just the principle of it that makes me mad).

More later-

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