Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crap - Edited

This week has been unbearable and frustrating to me and it is only Wednesday.  Between COBRA and kids, I wanted to just hide and hope the world would go away.

For COBRA, I am set up for automatic payment.  They ususally withdraw it at the very first of the month.  For whatever reason, the last two months have just been a hassle.  The third party that sweeps the money has to notify my insurance company that I paid and am covered.  This started Monday - nobody that needed to know that I had insurance knew.  I spent hours on the phone to no avail.  Yesterday, the straw that broke the camel's back is that I was told by the third party that knows I paid to call my insurance company.  I called and lo and behold, they trasferred back to the company I started with.  Beyond frustrating. 

I paid full price for two doc appointments and two prescriptions.  I will get the money back - but with a lot of phone calls and with it being a pain.

Two of my children have done things at school or regarding homework that were completely unacceptable.  The one that pushes straight over the edge is the one that wants help with homework and when I do help, they tell me I am wrong! 

Counting down to next Tuesday's procedure - lovely.  And still feeling like crud!

Left something out.  When I went to the urologist, they did a pee test of course.  It came back positive.  Would have never  known - feels no different with it or without it.  But, am taking antibiotics for it (one of the scripts almost 70 bucks for 5 pills that I paid for in full - it is just the principle of it that makes me mad).

More later-

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