Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 13th Follow Up

Hi All -

Just a short update because it kills me to sit.  Using my donut - but still hurts.  For all intents and purposes, the procedure went okay.

Remember the post regarding stretching your vaginal canal out using dialators?  Well, unfortunately, I never did it.  I had a major brain block to it and I have only caused myself more pain.  The doctor told my mom that the canal has shrunk to about an inch and a half long.  They were not able to use a speculum. He told her he stuck his finger in and busted through the end of it - a little confused on this but have a 3 week follow up and will get it clarified.

If it is not too late, I am going to use the dialators.  Another question for him.  He said that he and the nurse had to do something to hold my vaginal canal open.  Whatever they did left me so swollen on the outside.  Hurts a ton - not quite as much as it did when he had to laser the skin off the outside - but it is right up there pain wise.  Having to use vasoline again to help it not burn so bad to urinate and I figured out if I lean back it is also helpful.

There is a topical chemo that can be used.  But when I tried it, it burnt me so badly.  I am also going to ask him if there is any IV chemo that can be used.   I don't think I can do anymore radiation because there are limits to how many rads can be used in the same place - doesn't break my heart - radiation about killed me and had to get three blood transfusions due to what it did to my system.

One other off topic thing, I have been falling a lot.  Last night around 3 am, I got up to go to the restroom.  I knew I was going down, but couldn't stop it.  My right foot buckled in to the right.  No swelling.  Can't tell if it is bruised because I get perma bruises due to my Arthirtis drugs.  It is already has a perma brusie from having a two liter bottle of soda dropped on it at HEB last year.  Seeing the ortho doc next week - I will have them x-ray it.

So lots of pain and questions.

More later -

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