Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Call back from gyno-oncologist office

I received a call back from the gyno-oncologist office yesterday regarding the chemo cream burning the tar out of my skin.  They suggested to go from every 7 days to 10 days to give my skin more time to heal.  They want to see me next week - so I was lucky there I already had an appointment scheduled for next Wednesday.  They also suggested using desitin - yes the one you put on baby's diaper rashes.

See this is where I get really pissed.  One, I hate going to that office - they always hurt me in some way that I leave in tears.  The doc is fine - he is just doing his job which is trying to save me from getting cancer again - but dang it hurts.  Really , desitin? - like that will solve the world's problems - but I am trying it.  Problem is that the bladder cystitis is like a super bad UTI - so you are using the ladies' room every 45 minutes to an hour.  Thus the desitin cream doesn't stay around very long.

I often think if these docs that I see were treating their families for the same thing, would they prescribed the same treatment of care? 

Off to hyperbarics - which is another one of my least favorite things to do is drive there an hour, sit in treatment for two hours and drive another hour home.  By the time I get out of treatment, my bladder is out of control with pain - thank goodness for morphine.  Lying down is the only way my bladder stays relaxed - sitting and walking puts too much pressure on my bladder and it hurts.

Okay - enough whining!  Other than the above I am in a decent mood which counts for something good.

More later -
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