Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family and Friends and Blood work

A big part of my journey included my Mom, my children and friends. 

My Mom

She and I have always been close.  After the gynecologist called to break the news, the first person I called was my Mom.  She lives a mile down the road and came to my house immediately.  We mourned the diagnoses together and were so curious as to what would come next.  Since the docs wanted me to wait to heal from the hysterectomy, my appointment with the oncologist was scheduled for a month after the diagnoses.

Whenever I need my Mom, she goes into Mother Bear mode and nothing can stop her!  She has done so much for me before the diagnoses, during the treatments and all the aftermath.  Sometimes my friends did not understand.  They wanted to help so badly - which I appreciated greatly.  But in all truth all I wanted was my Mom.

She was always the first one there when I needed help.  I always remember her hugging me as I was growing up and telling me how much she loved me.  I don't think there is one thing that could come between us.  I love her more than words can express.  Thanks Mom for being the best Mom I could ever have!

My Children

My sister had died in 2006 after a long battle with breast cancer.  My children were four at the time and had a bit of awareness of it as she had lived with us but did not have a total understanding.  My concern was that they knew she died of cancer and was gone.  Although they were 8 at the time of my diagnoses, I did not want them to know I had cancer and would fall off the face of the earth.  Probably not the best decision looking back.

They knew I had surgery on my tummy.  So when I became sick during treatments, I told them I was just having issues with my tummy.  At the time, I had a babysitter so they had a fun summer even though I couldn't do much with them. 

My Friends

My friends kept up with me through Facebook, text, emails and phone calls.  I would post updates on Facebook and they were always at the ready with prayers and offers of help.  I had my Mom and it was difficult to accept help from other sources.  It was a rough time and I really did not want to see anyone - I was way sick and just thought it was best.

Blood work

I know I mentioned earlier that I went for weekly blood work to see if I could withstand treatment.  The chemo nurse called me at home and told me my blood work results were horrible and to go directly to the ER.  I was so sick and tired I asked her if she was serious - she said she was and to GO!

The kids were with their father that night so they were taken care of.  My mom came and got me and took me to the ER.  They immediately got me in and did blood tests.  The next thing I knew, the nurses and doctors were all walking back in wearing masks.  My immune system was completely wiped out and my electrolytes were way below normal.  I learned that being that low in electrolytes could cause heart and brain damage.  Not fun to hear.  They immediately hooked up my IV and started giving me magnesium, potassium and saline.  I was admitted to the hospital for the night.  There are always so many roadblocks I faced but I keep going as best as I could.  More later -

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