Monday, March 5, 2012

Fatigue or a touch of some kind of bug

A friend I were going to Houston on Friday - see a band and have fun.  We were supposed to get up and spend a night in Austin and see the same band.  I got the kids to school and then got ready and packed.  I was feeling okay but knew I had been pushing it the past week.

I feel asleep on the way to Houston.  Was half asleep in the lobby while my friend checked in and we went to the room.  I went directly to bed and fell right back to sleep.  My feedbag chimes went off and I got up and unhooked and flushed the line.  From there my intestines went south.  He went to the show.  I went back to bed.  Crawled out of the hotel the next day.  Feel back asleep on the way back to SA- we canceled Austin  Once back home, I went straight back to bed.  Intestines still giving me some grief.  I ended up sleeping almost 48 hours straight - missing all my meds.  Such is my life -

More later -
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