Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's been awhile

Sorry for being out of touch.  Everything is status quo right now - so that is a good thing.   I went to HEB today and the checkout lady asked how I was doing - I told her alright.  She said that ever since she met me that she had put me on the prayer list at her church.  I have no recollection of telling her anything although I did recognize her.  See it is things like that that pull the heart strings - and let's me know how blessed I am to have complete strangers praying for me.  Thank you all unknown faces for praying for me.

I went to the oncologist last Friday.  Painful.  Not sure if I have mentioned it but the radiation also damages the vaginal canal by narrowing it and can continue doing so for the rest of my life - yay radiation.  It makes exams extremely painful - there are things I should be doing about it and need to get my butt in gear and face up to the pain of stretching it out.  He did a biopsy - which I wasn't expecting.  It is also extremely painful. I will call tomorrow for the results and will let you know.

More later -

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