Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 1st was hard

I needed to get a new medi-port and have the old one taken out.  For those who may not know what a medi-port is:  it is like a disk with a soft middle and has a cath line that goes thru a vein up your neck and down to the middle of your chest.  The disk is put underneath your skin on your chest.  It is used for my feed bags and blood draws.

I had to get a new one because my old one wouldn't allow blood to be drawn out but would allow fluids to go in.  I was supposed to be in a twilight state - didn't happen.  I felt all the local anesthesia shots, cuts and cath line being threaded thru my vein.  Glad to have a new one but it was hell.

Learned a couple of new things:  when you see the draping around where they are going to do surgery - it is sticky so it adheres to your skin and if you have ever had an operation or procedure, you know how cold an operating room is - they have a heater (first time I knew about these) that they can put at your feet to help keep you warm.  I'd rather not know these things but I thought they were interesting tidbits.

Towards the end of the procedure, I was sweating bullets from the pain and the heater.  I had them turn the heater off and take off the 5 blankets they had on me.  I was still sweating bullets.

The meds must have kicked in as I woke up in recovery - freezing cold and sleepy.  Mom asked me if I wanted to sleep some more but it was getting late and needed to get home for the kids.  I had to negotiate with the radiologist as she wanted me to stay flat for 3 hours!  I told her I could do that at home.     

Happy to have a new port that they can get blood out of instead of sticking me 3-6 times to get a vein that works.

More later -

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