Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Last week started BAD and ended Good

What Fatigue does to me:  On Monday, I took the triplets and a friend school supply shopping and to eat.  That took 4 hours and I was worn out.  I had planned on one more stop but couldn't make it.  Tuesday morning, Mom, the triplets and the friend went up to their new school to get schedules, gym clothes etc. 

I feel asleep Tuesday afternoon.  Came to a couple of times but did not do some very important things.  I had to get up Wed. morning for my dressing change for my mediport.  I was too tired to do anything but go back to sleep.  I missed my feed bag, fluids and morphine.  Morphine slows down the diarrhea but does not completely stop it and anti-diarrhals do zip, nada.  My kids did not try to wake me or call my Mom.  Gotta teach them that. 

I tried to get out of bed Thursday morning.  I knew the diarrhea was coming but could get there in time.  Major blowout.  I called my mom.  She came over to help me clean up and to hook me up to my feedbag.  I had another major blowout while she was here.  I felt like I had been run over by a Mac Truck.

By Thursday evening, I was feeling better after getting my feedbag and other fluids in me.  But it took till Friday to come alive.  I HATE  when the fatigue is so bad that it keeps me from taking care of myself and family.  I did make it to a lunch date with two of my best friends.  I had some soup broth and iced tea - made me queasy.  I lasted as long as I could but knew when to wave the white flag.

I hate being sick.  I know my limits and try to only do one thing a week.  If I do more it wipes me out.

More later -

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