Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's up?

I hope all of you had the best of the Holidays! I hope you were able to share them with those that you love.

I did.  The trips  were over the moon excited.  They received IPod touches - you would think the world stopped and the screaming began.  I did something very, very foolish - well make that two:

1.  Since the gift was from Santa I did not get cases for them.  Of course Sarah drops hers on the tiled kitchen floor.  Oh the tears began.  They stopped once I told her that I would pay for the repair.  She broke it on Christmas afternoon.  So I went on line and set up a time for them to call me.  So all is good.  They said take it to UPS and I would have it back two days later.  So she thought we should go Monday - no way.  I thought the traffic would be bad.  It got to UPS today.  Funny thing is that she is at her fathers for the week so she won't be here when it gets here.

2.  I gave them my iTunes account password.  Bad, bad, bad decision.  Somehow they loaded a phone app and a text app.  I received calls an texts All day long.  Lessons learned.

More later -

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