Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Made it to Midnight - the clock ticking slowly towards 2013.  Slowly because Sarah took over the TV.  This is nothing new - she will fight you and you finally give up.  We watched every New Year's countdown - New York, San Antonio and Las Vegas - I couldn't get away from it.  Las Vegas you ask?  Answer:  Tate Stevens, the winner of the X Factor, performed in Las Vegas. 

There is a rhythm to our house.  Who sits where and who plays what and who watches what TV.  I will bore you and explain it as best as I can.

Sarah sits downstairs in a over sized chair that spins.  If you get in it, she will fight you to the death to get back in it.  I have a big couch that ends in a short chaise sitting area.  The boys could very comfortable there - but you know the game - sibling vs. sibling.  The big TV is downstairs - she also tries to drive what is watched.  As you can tell from the first paragraph, she usually wins.

The second is Daniel - he would sit at the computer all day, all night until you make him get up.  When the other two want to play on it, we have to set the timer.  He will watch the timer like a hawk.  As soon as it goes off, he is at the computer telling the person to get off.  This process usually involves yelling and a push/shove or two.  If he watches TV, he usually goes to the guest bedroom and watches there.

Matthew takes over the play room.  It is pretty much a full size living room loft upstairs.  Besides TV, he plays Wii or other games.  If he is watching TV, he is usually laid out on the couch.  If you try to sit on the couch, see above re:  Sarah's reaction to sitting in the over sized chair.

One thing that complicates watching TV upstairs, is which remote works with what TV.  Long story, but one works with one TV and the other same thing.  If you switch them, you lose some of the functionality of the remotes.  You would think that they could simply just try one or the other and figure it out - nope it is a fight because remotes disappear into the abyss.

So all of the above happened last night.  Fun stuff.  I tried to do a family hug and kisses on the cheeks last night when it struck midnight - didn't go off so well either.

So from my dysfunctional family to yours, Happy New Year.

More later -

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