Monday, December 31, 2012

All Heck Breaks Loose!

Warning long post!

I am sure you have had those days, months or years.  It seems that anything that could go wrong went
wrong.  It would seem trivial to some - but to me, when added together it, it pulled me apart at the seams.  Easy for me this to happen to me.

Preparations for the kids coming home from their father's house.  Preparing 6 batches of Chex Mix - killed me arthritis and bladder wise.  Not sleeping much.  Computer blowing up (this made me crazy - how do you live without a computer????).  Insurance issues and other small stuff and I was done in.

Computer blew up Friday - Mom (who knows way much more than I do as to fixing them) got some stuff fixed but couldn't get it all the way.  She tried some Saturday - no luck.  I slept not at all on Saturday - I mean at all - I was way too focused on the computer.  I am weird that way.   So Sunday I was not at my best.  Mom came over early on Sunday morning.  We kept trying stuff.  After we couldn't get it fixed, I gave out - I have a compulsive disorder (self diagnosed).  I went and bought a new computer.

We went to the Forum on Sunday.  Had to make a stop at Walgreen's on the way there - stop 1, kids wanted to go to Target and so did I - stop 2,  Best Buy for a computer - got a HP Pavilion All In One 20" screen - pretty sweet - stop 3, Toys R Us (I hate this store - I don't get how it is laid out) and I told the kids it would not be restocked yet (I win!) but somehow we spent 30+ minutes in there (stop 4) and then Bath and Body Works (I have posted how Sarah shops there before - has to smell EVERYTHING) -stop 5 - and then finally home.  I wore tennis shoes - not common - but I thought it would help my feet.  Guess what, last night arthritis last night in my right foot - could barely walk.  Repeat prednisone routine.

What else, oh, I have a small fridge in the garage, freezer door wouldn't stay closed.  Somehow Matthew figured it out.  Let's hear it for Matthew - he is always my fix it guy or the one with the strength to open stuff.  Beyond helpful.

But one of the things that really got me going and upset was my OBRA coverage.  I did not realize that my prior employer was changing processing companies.  I rushed to the Post Office in PJs, flip flops and a big sweater - yes, I looked wonderful, thank you.  I overnighted my January payment to a PO Box - once there it will take 3-5 days to process not counting the holidays.  This is all coupled with November and December being screwed up too.

What happens is that when you try to fill a prescription or go to the doc, they think you don't have insurance.  This was even despite the fact that I paid them 5 months in advance in November - did not help.  Well - this was because they were transferring to the new company.  I had no idea that when I was talking to people in Nov and Dec that I was on the phone with the old and new companies.  NO ONE clued me in.

The day after I called and we figured out that for the most part was hosed, I called back and spoke with someone else.  Very nice.  She offered to send me the paperwork to sign up for auto-withdrawal going forward.  Why did the person the day before not offered this?  But even more to the point - why can't you do this on-line?  She also let me know that the money has to be there on the 10th of the month for instance in January for the February payment. Why had the guy the day before not tell me this?  I would have sent two checks one for January and one for February - while looking fab at the post office.  Since this is the third paragraph on this, I will stop.  Just know I have been dealing with this for months and I can't take it.  I have a doc appointment on the 2nd - I will most likely pay full price.  Any scripts - same thing - full price until they can get this straight.

But - I have a working computer and I am so happy about that.  Also besides the arthritis and bladder pain - I haven't complained much about my health!  A big thanks to my prayer warriors.

I will post about my New Years Eve soon - kids are excited!  Me - not so much except for a huge prayer for continued stable health.  I wish each of you the best!

More later -

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