Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where to Start?

Where to start?  I  was going to tell you a silly story about my daughter and "her boyfriend" of one day.  The boy then went on to have two different girlfriends the following two days.

But - in the scheme of things, that is so trivial.  Last Thursday, I couldn't get in touch with my mom.  This is highly unusual as we typically talk several times a day or at least text.  Since I called so early in the morning, I just figured she was asleep.  I then proceeded with my day.

My day consisted of naps, picking the kids up from school and waiting on the kids' dad to pick them up.  I finally tried a number of times to get in touch with her.  I never did and I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I drove over there - my mom had been sitting in the same chair for 12 hours.  She had woken up and was trying to get dressed so she could call 911.  I feel awful that I didn't go earlier.  Breaks my heart - she needed help and I wasn't there.  She has been by my side every step of the way with my cancer and the after math.

Her husband was there but he has severe Alzheimer's and couldn't help or take directions from Mom.  She has been in the hospital ever since. She had two small strokes and some other issues.  She is supposed to come home today but it is dependent on her Coumadin levels.

I have been taking care of my stepfather - he has 0 memory recall.  He will ask the same question over and over.  Yesterday, he got mad at me because he thought I had been keeping this all from him even though he had seen her the previous day.  Unfortunately, I had to call my mom at 7 in the morning to have her calm him down.

When we went yesterday, she wrote him a note explaining where she was and why and had him sign it.  My aunt and uncle came down  yesterday and started cleaning mom's house - it is in bad shape to say the least.  They came down to help with that and my mom who is potentially coming today.  Please pray that she does.

My stepfather's daughters are coming down today to help take care of him and continue to clean the house.  I am so looking forward to the help.  I know I shouldn't complain - but this has drained me to the bone.  Rest will take care of that.  As my mom said yesterday, don't take for granted the small things - like going to the restroom, throwing away trash and the things we do all day without thought.  How true that is.

Please pray for my mom and that she is well enough to come home today.  I would greatly appreciate it.

More later -

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