Sunday, April 14, 2013

Creager Sunday Times

Everyone is home.  Daniel spent the weekend at my mom's house and Sarah spent Saturday night with a friend.  It is so much quieter with just one kid gone.

I enjoyed going to see my good friend, Cathy, on Friday night.  It helped to lift the some of fog and weight on my shoulders.  It was good to laugh and talk to an adult.  I usually spend my time breaking up fights.

Thanks to all those that are praying for my health - it has maintained for 8 months now.  No 911 calls, no hospital visits etc.  Still have a lot of doctor appointments - but I will take those any day over a hospital stay or an emergency.  Also a thank you to a reader who sent me hugs - made me smile.

Almost dinner time.  I am making two things to save the peace.  Yes I am a pushover - need to work on that.

Hope all of you had a great weekend!

More later -

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