Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lost and Found

After family counseling, every Friday night my kids go to my mom's to eat.  I dropped them off and went inside to get the Advil and ice cream my mom had bought for me.  I came home put everything away and laid down. 

On Saturday, I had some errands to run.  Couldn't find my keys to save my life.  So I used my spare set.  So for the days following, I went through everything including the garbage.  I checked the freezer too because of the ice cream that I put away.  Yesterday, I admitted defeat and was going to start replacing them.  Mom was on her way over to help me find the Cibolo Post Office.

Martha, the lady who cleans my house, can usually find anything - so I told her about my keys.  While we were in the kitchen, for whatever thought passed through my head, I looked in the freezer again.  But this time, I moved things around and taking things out.  Martha and I heard the jingle of my keys and dug them out.  So for the 4 days I drove myself nuts, my keys were happily freezing.  Found.

Mind - lost.  If you find it, please let me know.

More later -

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