Sunday, July 8, 2012

The night the AC went out

The kids are with their father this weekend.  Small blessing.  My mom, stepfather and I were at my house.  We were all napping on and off all day.  Around 5 pm we noticed how hot it was in my house.  Called Beyer Boys - they showed up around 9:45.  Of course, I needed a $1k part that comes from Carrier.  It came in this morning and is getting fixed now.

Backtrack to last night.  After the guy left at 10:45, the house was 90+ degrees.  Mom and I packed up and got my stepfather up.  Thank God my mom lives a mile down the road.  By the time we left my house, it was 11:45.  Mom and I were burning up.  The AC in her car felt great.

We got there, unloaded and to bed.  I was wound up and didn't get to sleep until way after one.  About 5 or 6 in the morning, my stepfather came into my room and asked me who I was.  I told him and he seemed OK with it, apologized and left the room.  I heard a door open and I thought he went out the front.  I used my cell to call my mom.  She went and checked on him.  Thank goodness he was in the house.  For some reason he roams the house when he is at their house.  Mom said he got up and said he needed a shower.  I guess he was going room to room looking for the shower.  Sad is all I can say.

Arm still hurts but healing is a ssssllloooooowww process.  Thank you for the continued support and prayers.

More later -

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