Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two week vacay

It's been awhile - that means all has been fairly quiet. So that is good.  I have three doc appointments this week.  More on that later.

Two week vacay from hearing "MOMMY" 800 times a day.  The trips went with their father this weekend.  The silence is deafening.  I appreciate the break - but two weeks???  Makes me miss them terribly.  They will be going to PA for a week to visit their father's family - they will have a blast.  I am excited for them.  With a broken right arm, their summer has been quiet - with the exception of Sea World Camp - which they loved.  The second week they are gone they will be at their father's house - plan to have my mom drive over there and take them to dinner - yay!

Now on to med news.  My pain mgmt doc has been managing my bladder issues.  On Friday, I am finally going to a new urologist.  I don't think much will change.  I will keep you posted.

More later -

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