Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Neighbors

This summer has been quiet compared to last.  Last year, there were tons of kids on my street which ends in cul-de-sac.  This year not so much between families moving and summer vacation.  So my kids have been starving for something to do as they won't go out and play together.  So when a new family moved in, my kids were thrilled.

Two nights ago, the new neighbors were out.  The kids went over and introduced themselves and made fast friends.  They have a 3 year old, a daughter the same age as my kids and a boy who is two years older than my kids.   I met the parents - they were great.  All of a sudden, Sarah was spending the night with them and I invited their son to spend the night over here.  All was well and worked out great.

Their father works in the oil fields and was leaving the next morning.  The family had their cousins come to visit.  So their kids were busy for a part of the day.  After dinner time, they were out playing.  My kids were chomping at the bit to join them.  So they did and they headed to the playground.

I don't know how much time had passed when my phone rang.  It was the mother letting me know that Sarah and Daniel (keep in mind they are ten years old) were fighting and that Sarah had bit Daniel in the eye.  She thought I would want to know - which I did.  I asked her to send them home and thanked her.

When they got to the door, Sarah was in tears (automatic if she knows she is in trouble) and showing the bite marks on her arm.  They were perfect bite marks that she claimed Daniel had made.  Daniel has awful teeth that go in different directions.  I told her that there was no way they were made by Daniel and that the mother had called me so that I knew who did what.  By the way, Sarah has perfectly straight teeth.  I told her that she must have bit herself on the walk home from the park.

She started crying more saying she didn't bite herself as it would hurt too much.  More tears = lying.  Daniel had a huge bite mark around his eye.  This was all about a swing and who was there first - the behavior reminds me of two year olds and not ten year olds.  Daniel ran to it when Sarah got off but she claims she wasn't done and was just doing something and was going to get back on.  So she sits  on top of him.  She claims the bite happened because she was chewing gum.  The only truth to this is she was actually chewing gum.

I was embarrassed.  Second day and my new neighbors got to see how lovely my kids play together.  At least she is a mother and understands that kids fight but really over a swing????? 

Welcome to the neighborhood!

More later -

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