Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Radioactive Sugar

Today was the big test day - radioactive sugar in my body via port. It will show uptake to any cancerous spots if any are there.  Praying there is not.  Should know by next week - I will keep you posted.

Broken arm still hurts.  But there is improvements - baby steps.  Still haven't driven since the big kaboom on 6/2.  I couldn't even turn the key - not enough strength in my right arm and it would hurt.  Between the amount of morphine and the healing breaks in the arm, I am afraid my reaction time would not be a good mix. There are enough scary drivers on the road!

While mom took me to my test today, my stepfather stayed at my house to watch the kids  We left him watching the Olympics.  When we got home, mom had to hook me up to my feed bag.  He was watching volleyball (not sure which countries were playing).  He kept wanting to move things in my house because he thought they were effecting who would win or lose.  Mom said that lately he thinks the TV is telling him to do things.  Alzheimers is ugly.  One kindness is he is not aware of what he has lost.

So from radioactive sugar to Alzheimers - that covers the highlights of my day.

More later -

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