Saturday, March 9, 2013

A week in review

Wow - what a week.  I take a lot of meds - most of them have a side effect of making you sleepy.  So in the middle of the night when I get up, I fall or slam into walls.  Fun stuff.  That was one of the reasons I went to the dentist.  I had slammed my body up against the left side of my body and had a huge left chin bump - swollen and red.  Chin a ok but 6 cavity fillings to come.  I had three earlier this week and will have the next three next week.

I took another bad fall early Tuesday morning about two am.  I was trying to make it  back to the couch - yes, I was  using my walker.  I missed the couch and went to the floor hard.  I just happened to have an appointment I made with my primary physician.  My ribs HURT.  We did a couple of things.  Cut down one med.  He looked at my last results and he did not like my kidney function results plus I had gained 10 pounds in a very short time.  When you gain more than 5 pounds while on a feed bag it is concerning - it means your body is not functioning well in absorbing the TPN.  So between my weight gain and my kidney results, he took me off the feed bag and put me on Lasik (makes you pee all your extra fluid retention out).  So I had a three day vacay from TPN (it was nice to not have to hook up) and peed a lot.  I lost 11 pounds in three days - so now I am off the Lasik.  And lastly, I had a chest x-ray and all was well - nothing broken.

I saw my psychiatrist Friday.  We stuck with the cut down in one med and went up on another.  It is an anti-depressant approved for bipolar patients.  If you give just regular anti-depressants to a bi-polar patient, it typically makes them very manic - when this happens to me I don't sleep well and I spend tons of money (that I do not have).  So we will see what the increase in the med does.  I will let you know.

Kids are on spring break - yay!  Nice thing is not getting up at 6 am to make sure they get ready and take them to school.  Bad thing is - the constant fighting.  Just had to diffuse one. We will see how it goes.

Hope your Spring Break, if applicable, is a good one. 

More later -

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