Saturday, March 2, 2013

What do teeth have to due with Cancer???

It really is just another side effect.  Due to my being fed through the feed bag, I do not eat foods that provide fluids our bodies need.  Yes, I drink diet coke all day - but it is not enough.  The dentist said water won't help either.  My mouth feels dry all day long.  He gave me some Biotene mouth rinse with so I will try it.  I wake to go to the bathroom at night I first have to have something I can drink before any thing else.

I went to the dentist this last week because the left side of my chin was swollen and red - and it hurt like heck.  After I had made the appointment, I noticed a red sore spot on my left clavicle.  So you ask, what does this all affect my teeth.  I am getting there. At night when I have had all my meds, I don't walk so great.  I recalled slamming into the wall - thus the soreness on my chin and clavicle.  I now use my walker at night - it has helped some.  Only problem with it is that it does not fit into the guest bathroom.  For example, I went to sit down and my back hit the lid of the toilet all the way down - hurt.

But I went anyhow - just in case.  Jaw was good.  Teeth not so good.  One of the side effects of not being able to eat, is I get dry mouth.  Thus the connection.  If there is a side effect, I will get it (I know I have said this before but it is so true).  The dryness causes cavities.  I haven't had a cavity for so long - I can't even remember.  So I have 6 cavities that need work - one of the six needs a crown.  Really???  What's next?

More later -

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