Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Surviving Spring Break

This last week was Spring Break.  Unfortunately my children do not know how to entertain their selves all the time.  For the last three nights of it, I had 4 kids in my house - you say what's the big deal you already have three?  Add in another girl and the decibel level in the house goes wayyyyy up.
But they had fun - that is the point.

Yesterday was the triplets birthday.  Hard to believe the years have flown so quickly - 11 years.  I went through the IVF process and I remember it start to finish as if it were yesterday.  Happy Birthday Daniel, Sarah and Matthew.  It is funny how I always put their names in birth order.

I am going to go get my last three filings today.  Can't wait.  My health has seemed to level off.  The fatigue is still a bug-a-boo and hits me at inappropriate times.  Since I change up the meds, I haven't fallen - so grateful for that.  Thanks for all the continued prayers.

More later -

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