Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pain Management Doc Appointment

Hi All -

Just a short post.  I went to the doc yesterday, they told me my color has come back to my skin and I don't look grey anymore.  I will take it.  That is the second doctor that has told me that.  I really think it is due to no hospital stays, no broken arm, no procedures to cut away more dangerous tissue in the last 8-9 months.  I really have had a long run of time to heal - what a blessing.

We so take advantage of our health - even me.  I have had a good long run without any major crisis and I am so grateful.

Also while I was at the doc, she said she had been laid out by some type of sinus infection and had taken to bed all day.  She thought as she laid there, feeling sorry for herself, of all the patients she sees who have tough illnesses and what a big baby she was being.

I often hear this.  Someone comparing their small illness to my big illness.  I told her that it was okay to not feel good and feel sorry for herself due to it.  It is the bags we carry.  Some are small, some are big and some are extremely deadly.  It is just a bag and how we react to it.  I told her not to feel bad about it and not compare one bag to another's bag.  We are all different and get dealt a different set of cards.  I feel no animosity about it. 

It is just the way we carry our loads.

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