Friday, January 27, 2012

It has been a while

Hi All -

It has been a while since I posted last.  I am grateful for the last couple of weeks being relatively calm.  Only little hitch is that I caught the stomach ick from my kids.  It is a little different having the stomach ick now that I have damaged intestines.  A lot more painful - but got through it with meds and rest.

As you know by now, I have weekly blood work and dressing changes from and for my mediport.  This happens each Tuesday.  The doc gets the results by Thursday and decides what should go in my feedbags.  This usually goes smoothly and I get my new feedbags each Friday.

Not so this week.  My liver enzymes are acting up - side effect from the feedbags (one that I did not know about - why don't they tell you these things?).  So I have to take a break from the feedbags to let my liver get back to normal.  No biggie from what the doc office said.  So keeping my weight up is the issue.  I am lactose intolerant.  The nurse told me that all the Ensure products are lactose free.  However while I was at Walgreens, I read the nutrition label and it has Milk proteins as the third ingredient.

Freaked me out a bit.  Did a little research when I got home and talked to my mom.  Milk proteins do not contain lactose.  So my mom - who is always at the ready - went back to Walgreens and got me Ensure - high calorie content, vanilla flavored - only one I will drink.  Had issues with it going right through me before but hopefully with meds, I can maintain it.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Say a prayer.  I cannot afford to lose any weight.

Since I am here  - Three things I am grateful for:
1.  My Mom - she is so helpful all the time.  I say thank you all the time.  But saying Thank you does not even get close to expressing my gratitude and appreciation for her.
2.  Good docs that keep an eye on my health
3.  All the prayers being said for me.  I do not know who all prays for me - but I am grateful for each and everyone.

Get to do huge Biography projects with my children this weekend.  Thankful that I am healthy enough that I can help them.

Seeing the doc on Tuesday - I will keep you posted.

More later -

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