Friday, January 6, 2012

Where to start?

This may be one big rant - but hey it's my blog.

I am on COBRA.  My previous employer has had the same health insurance company for years.  This year they changed.  No biggie.  Except with the holidays, my account was not swept for the premium until this past Wednesday.  So the new insurance company did not know I existed until yesterday.

When I spoke with my case manager, she said that the previous insurance company had sent over info for patients like me who has every specialist, home health care and am using TPN (lovingly known as my feedbag from here on out).  So had they known about me, they would have been working with me a month ago.  Kudos to the new insurance company: they got right on it and now everything is set up.  Deep sigh of relief.  Had I not made a million phone calls, I would not have received my feedbags or had my mediport changed.

Mediports have to be changed once a week.  The line to the mediport goes from the port, up over the clavicle and ends somewhere by the heart.  It is installed under semi anesthesia and x-ray as they have to thread the line through a vein. Chance of infection goes way up if the dressing is not changed weekly. OK, enough about that.

I had a post surgical appointment yesterday with the oncologist.  This was rescheduled from last week because he was running way behind and I have no patience.  So I was there for THREE hours.  I was getting ready to walk out when they finally called my name. I did not have a choice really. Then they put me in a room and told me to undress from the waist down and give you a "sheet" to cover up with.  So for at least an hour, I was in the examination room with a sheet covering my lower body - not the most comfortable situation.

He was looking for the surgical notes from my last two procedures as I seem to have a new lesion.  Yea me.  He took a biopsy that first consisted of a shot of lidocaine - which if you are familiar with, it burns like the dickens especially in a very tender spot.  But at least I did not feel the biopsy.  Thank the Lord. 

I am to call next week to get the results.  If it is a precancerous lesion, he wants to try a new chemo cream.  Remember the old one - burned me to death.  He said this one might too but not to the degree that the first one did.  RIGHT.

I will keep you posted on the results of the biopsy.  Happy Weekend to all.

More later -

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