Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Death and Taxes

So, I finally got all my paperwork together to do my taxes.  So I logged into Turbo Tax and started entering away.  It is always kind of scary about whether you are going to owe money or not.  It was a weird tax year - a lot of numbers flying around.

Want to know what saved me?  Medical bills that I paid out last year - just about $30k. The medical tax deduction was limited due to my earned income - so do I get to carry it over to this year?  I have no idea - I'm just a CPA (I have always hated taxes - so ask me anything more than then the basics and I don't have a clue).

I just know the $30k saved me in more ways than one - I am still alive and doing my taxes didn't kill me!

More later -

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