Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Prayer for my Mom

My mom is up at MD Anderson - and no - THANK GOD it is NOT CANCER!  I learned that besides our normal thyroids that we have parathyroids.  One of hers is acting up and it causes issues with calcium levels.  She saw docs in SA - but did not like their surgery technique that could ruin your vocal cords.  She did some research and found a place in Florida that highlights the parathyroid and the docs can go right to it with minimal damage.

She was ready to pack her bags and head to Florida.  I asked her to research some place in Texas that could do the same thing.  So - she is at MD Anderson - their technique is close to the one they do in Fl. but not quite as precise.  She still wanted to go to Fl. but I hope I helped convince her to stay a bit closer to home.  Also, my stepfather has moderate to severe Alzheimer's.  He has a niece in Houston - so my mom is comfortable leaving him with her.  My mom is his complete security blanket - he gets more addled and confused if she is not around.  So hopefully the niece will help alleviate some of his tension.

The kids and I said a special prayer for her tonight - and if you read this, please raise a prayer up for her.  She has put this procedure off for months waiting for me to get stable.  When we spoke Sunday night, she was still more worried about me than herself.  She asked me to please take care of myself  - I have being trying to survive a case of deep depression.  She is one of the most amazing, wonderful, loving, helpful and selfless people I know and  I am proud to call her my Mom.

So Dear Lord, please watch over her tomorrow morning and give the surgeons the knowledge and training to make this a successful and smooth procedure.  Please hold her hand as she gets her IV (that is the thing she dislikes the most) and make it as painless as possible.  Please keep your hand on her as she goes through the procedure and guide the surgeons to do as little of damage as they can to her vocal cords.

I should know something around noon tomorrow.  When I get know more tomorrow, I will post an update.

Mom - I love you!  I will be thinking of you every minute until you get to come home.

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