Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another thing about radiation to the pelvic region

If you can't take it - stop reading here.

You are diagnosed with CANCER.  You are blinded by the diagnoses.  You are told the treatment plan and you go through it all.  Then you think you are done.  But you are not - there is much more to it than that. I have been very open about almost all the side effects - but one.

Radiation can kill off tissue in the vaginal canal as well as shrink it so that even a finger won't can't fit.  This is why it always hurts when I have an exam that includes a speculum.  This damage is the kind that keeps on giving.  This effect won't go away.

I now have shrunk - ouch on the exams.  I also have dying tissue on the right side of my vaginal canal that also makes me cry at the exams.  They do tell you about this side effect up front and suggest that you use vaginal dialators to keep your skin stretched out and supple.  I did not listen - they had cut and mutilated me so much it was hard to face.  I am having to now face it or examing me can become even worse than it is now and/or make it impossible.

Vaginal dialators are available on the web.  Do the research and get a good set with multiple diameters.  They are expensive - so like I said do your research and invest in a good set.  You may have a little bleeding - but that is okay.   If you have tons of bleeding, stop using them and call your doc.

Since I did not listen and follow through last year, I have only made it more difficult on myself.  It is amazing that your vaginal canal shrinks and tissue dies - and that it is a lifelong radiation effect.  Radiation is an ugly thing.  Wish I would have done this from the beginning and would suggest that you use the dialators when they first tell you to. 

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