Friday, May 25, 2012

New Anti-Spasmodic

Hi All -

Mom is on her way to the pharmacy to pick me up yet another medicine - an anti-spasmodic to be taken in conjunction with the Valium.  Here's to hoping and praying.

I called the doc office this morning to get the results of the stat urine culture - negative, nope, nada and not the answer I was hoping for.

I keep thinking back to the time the doc said the bladder cystitis could get worse of it's own accord.  At this point, I am just hoping it got beat up and bruised during my procedure.

I am severely sleep deprived all courtesy of my bladder.  I hope I can get a nap in once the new med kicks in  A gamble of whether it will work or not.  I will keep you informed on whether it helps or not.

More later -
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