Friday, June 15, 2012

Brush yourself off and exit straight ahead, you will be instructed to:

Face plant.  You should break the veneer off one tooth, chip the other front tooth and try to break your fall with your right arm thus, breaking your humerus in four places.  Oh, make sure you also have Rheumatoid Arthritis so that your bones are crap and can't be reset with pins.

Pray for Mom to show up and then the EMS.  As I stated in yesterday's blog, I remember a little after the EMS ride.  So I came to kinda of on Wednesday, while lying flat on my back having to drink barium. I was a very cooperative patient (NOT).  I kept moving to get my back comfy - never happened.  I was also cooperative by pulling out my central line.

My mom brought my trips by to visit.  I thought it was the first time they had been by - nope they had been the day before also.  Where the heck did  I go on vacay for 4 to 5 days?

While on this vacay, the docs concluded that
1. I have sepsis (not so bueno) and started me on serious antibiotics.  Came home on 4 weeks of IV antibiotics
2.  My humerus (upper arm) was broken in 4 places.  They set it up in a compression brace.  That's it, that's all folk's.  My arm hurts, hurts, hurts!
3.  I have an issue with eating - what a News flash.  They want me to eat, we all want me to eat.  I want to be able to eat. 

More later -

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