Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Day in the Hospital and Nurse Hatchett

When conscious, I am one of those patients that WANT OUT of the hospital.  Dr. Simon had stopped by the Friday before I was released and said I would most likely get out Monday.  I take that info like a bulldog with a chew toy and won't let it go.  I started in at 8 am by calling Dr. Simon's office and talking to Dana - I knew I needed the final script for my feedbag and his signature to make a jail break.  She said he was in the hospital making rounds and would make his way to me.

He stopped by at 1 pm while my nurse, Nurse Hatchett, and her trainee were in my room when he said I was free!  But first, I needed Activase in my mediport.

The PICC line nurse had been by around 11am and told the trainee the Activaae instructions.  For a bit of explanation on Activase, it is used to "unclog" the mediport.  You should be able to hookup the feedbag and get fed as well as be able to draw blood from the port.  For months, the nurses from the Home Health Care service have not been able to get blood from it.  Thus the hospital nurses couldn't either.

So, the nurse in training puts Activase in my port, waits an hour, then draws back on the port - hopefully you get blood return.  So after the PICC line nurse gives the orders at 11, I finally get the Activase at 3!!!  Let me note at this point, I had seen Nurse Hatchett once the whole day.  During which time, her biggest concern was collecting the plastic tops off medicine vials to do arts and crafts with.

After the hour, I hit the call nurse button.  The very nice nurse trainee came in and explained that nurse Hatchett waits an hour and a half to draw back blood and not the hour that the PICC nurse said.  I asked to speak to nurse Hatchett.  She refused to come to my room.  I asked to speak to the charge nurse.  She happened to be in the room - I explained the situation.  She said she would handle it.  The nurses' assistant told me that Nurse Hatchett was too busy texting to come to my room.

At this point, Nurse Hatchett made her grand entrance and proceeded to argue with me - NOT the thing to with any customer much less one that has turned into bulldog.  At this point, I was DONE.  I decided to leave AMA (against medical advice).  For all intents and purposes, everything was done.  I knew what to do when I got home.

When I saw Dr. Simon yesterday, he said I had a nickname that rhymed with witch.  I have no issue with this - it got me out of there.   On another note, Nurse  Hatchett is liked by very few if any. 

More later -
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