Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well when I said I wanted off the Merry Go, I didn't mean kick my hinney off the dang ride while it was full swing!!!!!

Wow, got a calendar handy?  A  lot has happened since the last blog.  Typing left-handed is difficult!  On Friday, June 1st, the kids left for the weekend.  I was feeling cruddy but didn't think much about.

I woke Saturday morning feeling worse.  I believe I called my Mom.  We took my temp and it was 105.5.  Took naproxen and brought my temp down to  100.5.  Great I thought, ER miss.

Went about my business and thought I was okay

Mom said she would call me to check on me around 8.  The of longest hours minutes ahead.  I had been sleeping on and off (well, mostly on).  So high temp, dehydration and low blood pressure all contributed to the kick in the hinney off the merry go round - be careful what you ask for.  I got up and went to get something to drink.  I think I got my drink and knew I was going down.  Mom said my drink was on the table.  I remembered face planting on the floor. 

I tried to crawl to the phone  - but my right arm was swaying of its accord.  When the phone rang, I felt so relieved!  She called twice more and headed my way when she got no answer.  She got here and I have never felt such relief.   The Good Lord had my back.

After the ambulance ride, the next thing I remembered was my mom saying she was going home to my face in the ER because I couldn't stay awake.  I also remember the clock above her head saying 12:30am.  I remember them cutting my shirt off because of broken arm.  Last I remembered until June 6th.

More later -

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