Friday, September 7, 2012

A Miracle

I don't know how or why - other than prayers from all my prayer warriors.  But here is how it goes:

I left my employment with my former employer in March of last year. My COBRA was the standard 18 months.  The only way to extend it is if you notify them within 60 days of the month following the end of your employment that you are disabled and are unable to work.  This would extend my COBRA to 26 months.

So, I thought that at 9/30/2012 COBRA would expire.  I was sweating bullets as I needed a certificate of coverage so that I could enroll in the Texas Insurance Pool until I was eligible for Medicare which becomes available after 24 months from the disability approval date.  I was nervous because of all my medical issues and the cost of meds that I am on.

My bank account was swept for my September payment.  Me - being type A personality and nervous as heck, I called the company.  I wanted to get that certificate as soon as possible so that I wouldn't have any break in coverage and just have the insurance change.

When I called, I was dumbfounded by the information I received.  The administers of COBRA told me that they had received a fax dated 5/4/2011 stating I was disabled and therefor eligible for 26 months of coverage.  I was so relieved to say the least.  I wracked my brain trying to remember if I faxed it in.  I could not fathom that I had because it was during the time I was basically in the hospital from the end of March 2011 through June 2011.

They call the extended COBRA "OBRA".  The cost of COBRA is 102% of the normal premiums and that OBRA was 150% of the normal premiums.  I didn't care - I have coverage until I am eligible for Medicare. 

The curiosity got the best of me.  As I said, I had no recollection of faxing in anything as I was so sick during that time.  So I called back this morning to see if they could tell where it was faxed from because I have a printer with a fax function.  But it wasn't from my number.  It landed on the right desk at my former employer and they faxed it in.  I am eternally grateful. 

I truly believe that your prayers helped make this happen.  Thanks for all your prayers!

More later -

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