Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hey there -

Sorry it has been awhile.  Just found out that I will have out-patient surgery on 4/30.  So much fun.

On a heavier note, I found out that one of my cousins, Shelly, has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and will be having surgery tomorrow.  Please say a prayer for her as she begins her journey through this cancer.

I hate cancer - it sucks.

What's been happening - trying to parent 10 year old triplets and stay sane.  Learned a very hard lesson over the weekend.  My children received Ipod touches for Christmas.  I had not put any restrictions on them.  They had internet access, texting capabilities and an app that allowed them to get phone minutes.  It is a powerful "toy" to give to kids.  One of my children accidentally clicked on a commerical that they have to watch to earn phone minutes and got to a place they should never should have been.  It makes me sad that it happened and taught me a huge lesson.  I learned how to lock it down.  Please if you have children and they have these "toys" - lock it down and set the restrictions on the IPod.  Do not allow them to have texting or phone capabilities.  Please, Please, Please.

Other than that had a wonderful Easter and hope you did too. 

I will try to keep the blog more up to date - there is always the mundane crap happening to me due to the side effects of the radiaton.  May bore you to death but may be a service to others.

More later -
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