Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Year Old Triplets - Take 1

Hey all -

All quiet on the cancer front - bladder is behaving badly - you would think with the amount of morphine and valuim I take to control it would wipe it out. But some days it has a mind of it's own. So on to my kids - they get the starring role today and probably more days to come.

In the last week or two, the school was doing spring pictures. One of my sons has been pushing the limits of getting ready to make it to the school bus. I keep yelling up the stairs for him to get ready. Finally he says he is putting on his shoes - which took forever. So I finally go up there. He is tying his shoes - he has on pj bottoms, a button down shirt (not buttoned of course). His jeans were right there beside him! Oh Vey! He got redressed while supervised and made it to the bus stop. They really want me to have a heart attack I think - just have to keep one step ahead of them - when in reality I am 5 steps behind.

A little upfront knowledge: In 2008, I had major foot surgery. I was in a cast and couldn't use it at all. So my angel, my wonderful Mom, was helping out a lot. Taking me to work everyday, helping with the kids etc. During this time, she taught one of my sons how to use the washer and dryer which was a huge help to her. So on to what the same son did this week.

I told them to gather the dirty towels from upstairs and downstairs and start the load. Sarah (who now shares a bathroom with me) took the downstairs towels up and the boys gathered the upstairs towels. So, I go up this evening while they are getting ready for bed. The clean towels are on the couch and there is a ton more than there should be. Same son was standing there, I asked him why all those towels were there. He said I told them to get "all" the towels - which I had but I said dirty towels. So he went into the linen closet and got all the clean towels too. Just let me bang my head against the wall!

Life in the fast lane with triplets!

More later -

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