Monday, April 30, 2012

What A Ride

I went from going straight down the tubes to feeling much better quickly.  Amazing what a little hydration and nutrition does to a body.  I will stay on TPN and not try that again until my intestines can take it.  Trial and error - mostly error.  Not a 100% - but getting better.

I am having another outpatient procedure.  It was supposed to be on 4/30 but has been moved to 5/15.  Insurance issues - doc office won't or doesn't have the time to get precertified.  Gotta make calls to get it straightened out.

Kids are good.  Got haircuts and clothes for the summer.  Shopping with 3 ten year olds is tough.  They are excited to get new things - but once you get home they don't want to put it away.  Go figure.  But  I have 4 bags of clothes for Medina children's home.  One of my sons wanted to give their underwear too - had to explain that was a no go.  Gotta love it.

Hope you have a good week.

More later-

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