Monday, October 22, 2012

Pay it forward

This was on another blog I follow.  If you can, please pay it forward - you never know when you will need the kindness of strangers.  Click on the link and press shift at the same time.  It will bring up a link. Click on link and it should take it to a place where you can donate.

[CHARITY] Signal boost

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 tongue cancer. TONGUE cancer. For a non-smoker, this was quite the blow and because of intense radiation to my mouth and jaw area, I lost my teeth.

I need to raise $65,000 because dentures and implants aren’t covered by Medicaid OR Medicare.
INDIEGOGO fundraiser is here.
GIVEFORWARD fundraiser is here.

Please pass them along. Please tell everyone you know. Put these links on twitter, tumblr, facebook, plurk, wherever. I’d really, really appreciate it.
If you can donate, thank you so much. Every dollar is a dollar more than I had before. If you can’t, know that I appreciate all good thoughts that come my way. Please reblog my post anyway?

Thank you all (I love my fandom friends so much) for your continued support.
PS: Tagging this obnoxiously for the signal boost.
PPS: If you have ANY questions, send me an ask. I have no problems sharing my story/answering questions about my story.
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