Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Big Spill

You just never know how exciting my life is until I take a big spill.  At least this time I landed on the carpet.  I had taken one of the muscle relaxants my doc had prescribed in combination with all my other meds.  I don't think they liked each other a lot.

I got up and went upstairs to check on the kids.  I stumbled on the steps some but was able to right myself.  I went back down stairs and was going to fill up my cup with diet coke.  As I picked my cup up and turned around, I knew I was going down.  Landed on my right side between a big chair and a side table.  Hurt my hand and wrist the most and jammed my upper arm break a little.  Glad the brace was on.

My mom had gotten me "I have fallen and can't get up" systems that I typically wear  around my neck.  I had taken it off when we went to the ER on Sunday.  I put it back on tonight.  Don't think anything is broken just hurts like heck.

Never know what will happen next around here.

More later -

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