Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Biopsy results and plan

The biopsy results returned as the doctor guessed as VIN 2 lesions.  I am going in Monday, Oct. 17th for outpatient surgery to have lesions removed surgically.  This surprised me a bit as the doc said surgery was out due to skin changes and could cause fistulas which would make things so much worse.  There will be wide area incisions to try to get clean margins - so it will be painful afterwards.

It seems they try one treatment after another only for the problem to return.  My prayer is that this will work and it won't come back.  I will have a PET/CT scan at the end of Nov. or the beginning of Dec. to see if cancer is showing any where.  I am especially looking forward to this test and the results and pray that the precancerous lesions are all gone and my lymph nodes are clear.  This is all a waiting game and it kills me to wait for tests and results.

When I know more, I will keep you posted.  More later -
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