Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SS Disability and Medicare (?) and dreading Oncologist in the morning

God is good and took a great weight off my shoulders and I was approved for Social Security Disability.  I found out today that once you are approved for disability (for very good medical health related reasons) that you are not eligible for medicare for 24 months.  How does that make sense?  You are disabled due to health issues but cannot get affordable medical coverage until 24 months later?  Maybe the government is hoping you will die within that 24 months due to the illness that got you eligible for disability.  I am currently on COBRA but that has an ending point.  I don't think I will be eligible for medicade either due to assets 401K, home etc.  Will have to explore every option out there - but really who wants to cover a cancer patient unless said patient pays out the wahoo.

Oncologist in the morning.  Will be finding out pathology results and what comes next.  DREAD!  I will keep you posted.  Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on Facebook and the continued prayers.  More later -

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  1. What other options have you tried so far? Well, it’s been more than 24 months since this post, and that makes you eligible for Medicare had you applied for it then. Anyway, I hope everything turned out fine for you, regardless of the route you went with. Take care!

    Donnie White @ Good and Associates