Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oncologist appt. 10/5/11

As I said in an earlier post, I dread going to the oncologist.  It is never good news nor do I get out of there without crying at least a little.  Seems the HPV cancer effects have moved to external regions.  After the 5th lidocaine shot, I finally could not feel the biopsy.  He thinks it is VIN 2.  I am to use Premarin to heal the burns internally.  I go back in three weeks so he can see if I have healed internally and make a game plan for what the biopsy results show.

More torture ahead.   VIN 2 is not cancer - it is precancerous.  But still needs to be treated as if it is cancer.  The doc said surgery is probably out as the skin has hardened from the radiation.  So we will have to look at other alternatives: back to the cream that burns me and/or interferon shots (to boost the immune system to fight the HPV).  My vote and prayer is for the shots and that it works.  Surgery could lead to a fissure which means I may end up with a bag for bladder voiding.

Sorry for TMI - but want people to know what can happen to you.  More later -
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