Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday's Procedure and Uncertainty

Yesterday's procedure did not go well for a couple of reasons.  He did not have his laser available.  The reason this is an issue is because when vinegar is applied, all the precancerous spots turn white.  He was prepared for the two lesions that were big and visible to the eye.  He was able to cut those out - big OUCH.  He was not prepared for the little lesions that became visible to eye once the vinegar was applied.  Thus those are still there because he did not have his laser available.  I guess it was not available because I had the procedure in an ambulatory surgery center and not the hospital???

The pap that I had a couple of weeks ago that about killed me came back inconclusive as to whether they were precancerous or cancerous.  Thus during the procedure, he took biopsies of the vaginal cuff.  I will find out if they are cancerous at my appointment next week.  If it is cancer, radiation is not an option as you can not have over a certain amount of radiation.  Thus, we are talking big time surgery that would leave me with an ostomy bag and an colostomy bag.  Please pray for noncancerous.  If it is cancerous, I have come to terms with having ostomy and colostomy bags - but rather not go there.  I also guess there would also be reconstructive surgery.

HPV and Cancer sucks.  I will keep you posted.  More later -
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