Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope all you and your goblins are having a great Halloween.  Mine are trick or treating while I man the door (yes they are with responsible adults). 

Today has not been a good day.  My bladder cystitis is rearing a very ugly fight and the medicine is loosing.  Why are some days just like that?  Wish I could understand it better.

I ate a fajita this weekend - bad, bad mistake.  But I couldn't help it - sometimes I just have to eat something even though I know it will go right through me with the strongest of meds to make it not go right through me.  Funny thing is, I really (used to) like to eat.  Most days, eating doesn't even cross my mind.  Go figure - forever on a diet prior to all this and now presto - no more diets.  Don't hate me - you wouldn't want to walk in my shoes for a day.

But regardless, I am happy.  I have accepted the hand dealt.  A person asked me last week: "Ten years ago, would you ever have imagined your life would be this way?"  My answer was a resounding no.  But I am not the only one with health issues.  There are those with much greater health issues so much so that mine would pale in comparison.

So be happy with what you have (even if you can't eat), and enjoy what you can! And no, I am not always this positive - maybe my kids' Halloween excitement rubbed off a little on me.

More later-

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