Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oncologist appointment and other musings

Went to the Oncologist today and had the best appointment ever.  Didn't have to wait for the doc.  Didn't have to even see the doc.  I spoke with Susan who is a RN in his office and is super helpful and nice.  She went over the biopsies with me and answered a few questions I had.  He was not able to get clean margins on one of the outer lesions.  The inner lesion is not CANCER!  It is still in the precancerous state. I still have to have an outpatient laser procedure where he will try to get  everything.  Still worried about what he said about getting a fistula - but decided not to go there today.

Mom went with me and ran errands with me - huge help!  We were laughing and sometimes crying about how sick I have been and some of more memorable hospital visits. 

On one of my hospital stays, I had a male nurse.  No biggie - until he asked me to drop my drawers to make sure I didn't have bed sores.  Creepy.  I told him I didn't - I was completely lucid and knew I didn't.  I should have asked for a female nurse to come in.  But I wasn't thinking - I was creeped out and just did it.  He was my nurse another time - but more on that later.

On my second intestinal blockage, they were still trying to avoid surgery because it is a difficult one.  When I went in to the ER, I was so ill.  Every smell killed me.  I was put in and ER room and an NG tube was ordered.  Hate them!  The nurses wanted to use the opposite nostril than the one used before.  They struggled with it and then went to the other side.  They couldn't get it in to save their lives.  The ER doc came in and shoved it up my nose and down my throat - blood everywhere. Docs must have something in them that makes them able to do stuff like that - I couldn't. 

Also on this visit - still trying to avoid surgery, they took me to radiology for a scan of my intestines.  I thought it would be a quick in and out.  No - I laid on a hard table for four hours.  During that time my back was killing me and I was sick as a dog - no fun.  My mom came to visit and they sent her down to where I was.  They were giving me IV contrast so they could pinpoint the blockage.  It is also a highly active med that makes you go - make that run to the bathroom.  Second blockage solved!  Try getting off a table that is elevated, hooked up to IVs and trying to make it to the restroom.  Not fun.

On the third blockage when they finally decided to do the surgery, they had me all set up for a beautiful room (per my mom).  I don't have any memories of it as I was just coming out of recovery.  My pulse runs very high at a resting rate- usually about 120.  The doc was concerned about that so she sent me to a more intensive care unit.  My first night, my roommate was an elderly woman who didn't say much. During this time I had nothing to say - I was trying to stay still as possible to keep the pain at a minimum.  Also the pain was so intense, I really had nothing to say at all.

The elderly women was released and I got a new roommate - with a huge personality.  I remember the first night the nurses were not answering her call button fast enough - she really needed to pee.  Then she started screaming for them.  Finally, she decided to get out of bed and peed on the floor!  I had her for at least three days.  She was also a cancer patient - but still.  She kept me somewhat entertained while she was there - she never shut up.  I think she got discharged before I did - thank goodness because at this point I was asking to be transferred to a new room.

Also remember creepy nurse, he was also on some of the shifts where I was his patient.  He avoided me like the plaque.  I did not mind at all. 

More later -

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  2. Hey girl well at least this is some good news I love you and you are in my prayers.