Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reading glasses, SS Disability and Excitement of the day

Today was a big day.  Made me feel much, much older than 42.  I got my first pair of reading glasses - got tired of reading with one eye closed.  Also helps with reading text on my IPhone (of course most important of all!). 

I had applied for SS disability - It got approved!!!.  What a weight off my shoulders!  There is truly no way I can work right now.  I am in the middle of almost every medical thing you can think of and don't feel good most days.  I am so thrilled that I can keep my family going without moving back in my mom's house.  Which she graciously offered - but rather not if possible.

The pain from Monday's procedure is a killer.  You know, I have a very high tolerance for pain - either my tolerance has lessened or the pain is so much greater.  Thank goodness for meds that take the edge off.

I talked to the nurse at the oncologist office - biopsies came back bad (no big surprise).  More outpatient procedures in my near future.  They wanted to do it this month.  I said I need more time to heal before the next one - they agreed that we could wait for December.  Thank you God!

As a side note, I had a parent teacher conference today at 3:50.  Mom was coming over to watch the kids while I went to the conference.  She walks in and I asked her why she was here.  Duh!  I am in a rush to brush teeth, put on decent clothing and get out of the house as quickly as possible.  All of a sudden, my feed bag starts beeping.  This usually means there is an occlusion (which means there is a kink in the line preventing the fluid to go thru).  Nope, some strange message. 

So I decided to unhook as it was almost done and I needed to get out the door.  Of course, I loosen the wrong thing and all of a sudden blood is spurting everywhere.  Remember I am trying to get out of the house.   I call my mom in the bathroom.  We are trying to sterilize the part that needs to go back on and of course in the middle of that I touch it and it is now unsterilized - which drives my mom insane.  Any who, got it back on, got the blood to stop and tried to flush the line with saline.  Nothing happens.  So next line of defense, I call the home health care nurse, Stacy (who is the best ever!).  She lives near me so she stops on her way home.  She couldn't get it flushed with saline either.  So long story short, she changed out my dressing which includes a special needle to go thru the port.  All is well.  Sad to say, that was the big excitement of my day. 

Oh yeah, I also signed my will!  More later -
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